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First off I would like to say that I am not an expert in any of the topics that I discuss on my website. I do know of some rather talented individuals and resources that will help a lot in so many ways. Two common themes in all the information I will have on this website is an emphasis on simplicity and also on what is most efficient and effective. If serious help is needed in an area of your life, I would recommend getting help from the professionals and use this website as a supplemental information.

  I honestly believe the information on this website will not only save people money, time, frustration and wasted resources, but I will always put the cheapest (mostly free) resources I could find on this website. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns, please contact me by clicking on the contact me link. I will be adding to this website one piece at a time, and will continuously update my website as I find better resources, learn more and in the future get certified in some of these fields. I am a fan of what works, even if that may be contradictory or hypocritical to commonly held beliefs or opinions. If the information provided on this website has helped you in some way, I would deeply appreciate any donations of any amount, just click on the link below.



2014 Update!

So while this was a good idea when I came up with it I have since created different websites and blogs, be sure to check them out in the resource link. A lot has happened to me and would like to help this promote some old ideas, some new ideas and my new websites. I won't update or work on this website much but thanks for help and support through the years!.