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HIT 7/7/10 Return of the Machines?!

Posted by jedimastery on July 13, 2010 at 3:41 AM

I went to LA Fitness in Beaverton and did this, it seems they had a lot of good quality Nautilus machine, much to my delight. The seated row machine was different and was called mid row. They didnt have one machine that I wanted to do the standing calf raise with, Im not sure what its called, but they have one at the gym at the high school I used to go to and at the LA Fitness in vancouver, I think the only exercise you can do it with is standing calf raise or possibly a squat. I did a mix of machines with TULS (time under load) and MAE exercises with rep count, in total I did 8 exercises.


Seated Row: 135/1:08

Chest Press: 135/:58

Pulldown: 150/:53

Overhead Press: 135/:47

Leg Press: 215/2:02

Standing Calf Raise: L= 60/10 R= 60/10

Forearm grab: L= 60/8 R= 60/9

bicep curl: 90/5

weighted crunch/ab machine: 75/7


At the time I was unable to do bicep curl, because of previous exercises, so I did them today (7/12), I used a dumbbell for one arm on forearm grab, then used a pulley machine to do other arm, it took a lot more weight, so might not be fully accurate. Ive also been doing about 9-10 pushups about once a week and sprinting for added strength gain and skill conditioning, though I dont think its entirely necessary. The Leg Press I could have added more weight, was a bit different since it was a machine where I sat still but pushed the platform away from me with my feet, instead of the leg press machines ive used before that is like im pushing myself back with my feet. My leg muscles I feel always seem to get a good strength gain and in time I think they will be as thick as tree trunks, in fact they are close enough.


Still have some bodyweight id like to get rid of, mainly around my belly and upper body, but feel in time I can burn that off, been very closely following my diet and restricting carbs and taking into consideration my source of calories, not necessarily the amount, though I have been watching that as well.

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