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8/25/10 Hit Workout

Posted by jedimastery on August 29, 2010 at 6:10 AM

8/25/10 Hit Workout


Seated Row: 155/1:08
Chest Press: 155/1:03
Pulldown: 170/1:00
Overhead Press: 155/1:06
Leg Press: 250/2:26
Standing Calf Raise: 60 L=9 R=10
Forearm grab: 63 L=10  R= 12
bicep curl: 80/10
weighted crunch: 45/9


This workout actually consisted of two days, the first being 8/25 and second being 8/29. The bulk of the workout, being the big five and standing calf raise was done at firstenburg center. I improved all my TULs, the only problem I think I had was I did the leg press on the other machine. There’s two leg press machines at firstenburg, both are nautilus, but one uses resistance plates and the other you put weight plates on it, like it’s a free weight.


Decided to do the other one, so it might have just been a mess up by me, I feel more comfortable and better form in other one but decided to use this one, this time. I don’t think it matters much what machine, they are both nautilus. I think I need to try to adjust it so I get proper position with my legs too, it feels like im too far away a bit past couple of times and its been a reach to extend my legs all the way out, or maybe its no big deal.


Anyways, my isolation exercises that I did at home, forearm grab, bicep curl and weighted crunch I felt did a lot better. I feel I have a much better foundation or grasp on where Im at with my current weight and where I want to be and a better ability to focus and push myself more every time. Work doesn’t seem to be as stressful though I would prefer to quit it soon. I might try doing all exercises on one day and seeing how I do using machines for some of these. I prefer machines as of now since Its hard for me to go until positive failure without messing up form. Later on I might do more free weight but as of now I feel good with what Im doing.

Due to my work schedule and other things that have kept me busy, this is the longest recovery time I’ve had in quite some time. It was thirteen days.


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