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Personal experiences with Emotional Freedom Technique

I've found eft to be one of the best possible ways to eliminate limiting beliefs. I've heard that a few hours of EFT therapy can often be the equivalent of five years of psychotherapy. I've used it on literally every aspect of my life and owe much of my current well being to eft. I found out about EFT a few years ago, and after trying it some, debunked it as nonsense woo woo new age crap. Recently though it has helped a great deal. Though this is entirely speculation, I think doing yoga, meditation as well as working with neuro linguistic programming on a more frequent basis have made eft work for me. I think a lot of other disciplines such as yoga, meditation, neuro linguistic programming can make EFT so much more potent. 


How to Guide to Emotional Freedom Technique 

I am not certified in EFT so instead, I will post some links to some resources with great introductory and intermediate videos, articles on the how and why of EFT. If you are looking to study EFT and become certified this website is the World Center for EFT: 

The second link is a website with great how to videos, a printable pdf of the tapping points, as well as articles and an ebook:

 For a great introductory video on tapping and how it works check out this video: GCYkdK0Uol0

 This is also a great intro video on EFT:


This video by Erika Awakening is also awesome too: