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Proper Exercise and Nutrition

The first video is by Dream and explains the big principles behind proper exercise and nutrition, his video and presentation he did is so much better then how I could explain it so here it is: 

 The second video is by Drew Baye and covers and explains High Intensity Training and proper exercise, body building and weight lifting: 

The Ultimate Health Shake aka "Dream Shake" 

The "Dream Shake" is really awesome, all natural and good for you, this is what I typically have for my breakfast. GV3M3JmmAoc

Getting the most out of your sleep


       First off Id like to start off to say this is an expansion of the ideas laid out in Timothy Ferriss’s blog post:Relax Like A Pro: 5 Steps to Hacking Your Sleep In it Timothy Ferriss writes about five things to do to get the most out of your sleep, I take it a few steps further, using a tool im becoming increasingly fond of and that is binaural beats. Before I go into the play list of binaural beats I use and some other devices I use as well id like to preface it with Timothy Ferriss’s ideas. First thing that I do and that he mentions in his article is to eat a small amount of low glycemic index foods, and also to take flaxseed oil. I do the same but I take a multivitamin as well. Preferably it is best to take raw flaxseed oil although as Timothy Ferriss mentions in his article, the texture, taste and smell of flaxseed oil is pretty horrid. If not a natural organic omega 3 supplement is best, the less fillers the better, same as with the multivitamin. Most of the food I eat is low glycemic anyways but anything from a small amount of almond butter, cottage cheese, yogurt (greek style is the best in my opinion) should suffice.


            Secondly Timothy Ferriss has in his article to use ice baths to provke sleep, ive tried this personally a few times and wouldn’t recommend it, unless your insomnia is terrible. He also mentions taking a low dose of melatonin around bed time, which is a better way to regulate sleep and fall asleep then taking ambien or prescription sleep aids. He cites the health benefits the Japanese and longer lifespans of their frequeny ofuro or hot baths around bedtime which incease melatonin release. If your willing to try it and embark on taking an ice bath, follow the instructions his blog article.


            In the next part of his article he writes about things that help stimulate sleep and hel him personally, as well as what is proven to work. One thing that works is a regular sleep schedule and regular circadian rhythm. Other things that help as well is light and temperature, best to keep the room you sleep in cold, and as little light as possible. If there is any light he suggest getting a sleep mask which isn’t a bad idea either.


            Napping is the next thing that Timothy Ferriss has in his article, personally I have a hard time napping, whether it is at home or work, unless I am relaxed and typically in an altered state or trance due to binaural beats. He says to test what he calls caffeine naps between 1-3 pm, for about 20 minutes ive tried it a few times to some limited success but it might be worth a try for some. For longer nap periods he mentions ultradian or multiples of 90 minutes is best to try and cites Thomas Edison as saying he only slept four hours but often took two three hour naps daily.


            Lastly he talks about his onset insomnia, which is what my main problem is, which is trouble falling asleep, it takes me about an hour, the same it seems to for Timothy Ferriss as well. To help him falls asleep he says he has found two things to help, first being setting a to do list and priorities list for the next day, and reading fiction which engages imagination and requires your attention or present state.


            For the last part of my article Id like to talk about some things that help me personally that others might not have thought about or do. One thing that might help around bed time is chamomile tea, or relaxing tea, I don’t have tea all too often but it can help. Something else I do is I have a playlist of binaural beats that I listen to to help me fall asleep and help me get the most out of my sleep. There are some tracks and binaural beats to be found online that slowly take you down into lower brainwaves and into sleep but I personally use the floating track from Holosync followed by an immersion track from Holosync, followed by a gamma binaural beat, delta binaural beat, then several tracks of mind food hemisync. All of it adds up to a playlist of about 7-8 hours, I listen to them using my Skull Candy stereo headphones, also useful for listen to music, or in case you happen to be a DJ as well. Holosync, and hemisync combined can be expensive, that’s why I would personally recommend to if you can torrent them, if your able to buy them though, both products would be something worth looking into. That’s it for this article if its helpful for you, please be sure to spread the word, or contact me if you know of other tips or techniques that can help as well.


Questions? Comments?


Other ideas or suggestions? Feel free to email me about them and if your interested in “hacking” or getting the most out of your sleep, do some further research on primal/paleolitthic nutrition and dieting, as well as binaural beats.

Quiting smoking with some help from Binaural Beats 

     It's been some time since I got the email from Magnus but some time ago he emailed me links to help quit smoking. I personally don't smoke and dont like it at all, the smell and second hand smoke drive me crazy. If you however are trying to quit smoking these binaural beats may help: There are instructions on the download link but listen to each one for five days, no more then one a day, for a total of ten days. Its supposed to be the equivalent of automatic tapping or eft. Listen to them with stereo headphones, and its best to do right before going to sleep. Thanks of course to Magnus at for the email.


For some additional help it might also be worth a try to watch the Quantum K video at: To get the most effect out of it, its best to tap the meridian points used in emotional freedom technique. It can also help with lots of other issues and best of all its free! 


I've used a few of the binaural beats that use affirmations, im interested in how they are made, and if possible might try duplicating them for free or for a very cheap price. Let me know if they help with kicking the smoking habit as well either.