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How to Create Binaural Beats step by step and how I duplicated the first level of Holosync:

First off, if you are able to afford any of the CDs, or downloads I would advise to purchase them before experimenting with Binaural Beats. For the most part there are plenty of positive effects that can be had from binaural beats, but sometimes there is a lot of upheaval or potential for some side effects. If you purchase cds from hemisync or holosync they come with help and support that can help remedy that. Additionally using Emotional Freedom Technique can help deal with a lot of it as well. For a detailed explanation of binaural beats check this link out: My first CD or experience with Binaural Beats, though at the time I didn’t know what Binaural Beats were, was when I purchased this CD from Hemi-Sync. From my understanding Holosync and Hemisync are the two biggest companies out there that use binaural beat technology and their respective websites can be found at and Although they both use similar technology, their approach is very different, basically Holosync uses one Base frequency and Carrier frequency, while Hemisync uses more then one.


Some Basic Theory of Binaural Beats:

  When tones or sounds are introduced at certain frequencies, it generates brain activity, the lower the frequency (Hertz or Hz), the deeper the state is induced. The base frequency is generally in a low range, from my holosync tracks I made, the lowest is 2.6 Hz and the highest is 10 Hz. The carrier frequency is what signifies or magnifies the strength of the carrier frequency, the higher it is, the less powerful, the lower it is, the more powerful it is. On my holosync track I made, they were all around 140 Hz.


            Creating your own Binaural Beats:

 After using the demo cd of holosync which I got here:, and seeing that $179 is a shitload of money, I decided to make my own binaural beats. I started first by downloading SbaGen and reading some of the readmes and documentation. I read through most if not all of it, but when it came to working with it, I couldn’t get it to work, it’s a command line program and although its very powerful, I decided to download Gnaural and Audacity. Gnaural is much more user friendly and has a graphic user interface and its basically plotting points on a graph and found it very east to use. Audacity is an audio mixer, which I used later on in the process once I created the holosync binaural beats using Gnaural and found other soundtracks necessary to make a copy of holosync.


            For some help using Gnaural check out this video: For help with audacity, check out this video:


Making Holosync Dive and Holosync Immersion:

   If you download Sbagen and in the examples or in the documents there should be one that reads Holosync, it describes and tells you what frequencies are used in Holosync Dive and Holosync Immersion. Holosync Dive is a 30 minute cd that combines healing crystal bowls, with rain sound effects and binaural beats. It takes your brain down to a very low state by the end, and is what you should listen to first. Holosync Immersion is binaural beats, with peaceful rain sound effects, kept at a constant carrier frequency and constant base frequency, and you listen to after you listen to Holosync Dive. For the specific frequencies, copied and pasted from the SbaGen documentation:


For Holosync Dive:







  141.7+3.5 (x2)

  141.3+2.6 (x2)


For Holosync Immersion:




Its put in SbaGen notation, and for a brief explanation of it, also copied from the SbaGen documentation is: (i.e. centre carrier frequency, then beat frequency, so 100+2 means 101Hz and 99Hz; a negative sign (100-2) would put the channels the

other way around). Basically the higher number is the carrier frequency, and the lower one is beat or base frequency. For Holosync Dive each track is about 3 minutes, starting with the 144.6 and ending with 141.3, the last two tracks are repeated twice, totaling up to a 30 minute cd. I generated the binaural beats using Gnuaral, then I copied and pasted the individual beats into audacity. For the crystal bowl sounds and rain sounds, I googled and found free mp3 downloads, and copied and pasted them for the whole duration of the beat. I also lowered the DB or decibel meter quite a bit for the binaural beat and raised it for the crystal bowl sounds and rain effect. You want the binaural beat sound pretty low, and barely audible, with the background sounds being a lot more louder.


For additional help I posted some videos on my youtube account which you can find here:




And here:





Questions and Answers:


Does anyone have more expertise with creating binaural beats, especially with using Sbagen?


Do you like this format a lot better when writing articles?


Is this helpful, and if not, what would you change or add?




Heres a few websites or applications that have some free or cheap binaural beats you might want to listen to: These BBs (binaural beats) are the equivalent to doing tapping. These are the same as above but have to do with dating. These are free, equivalent to doing EFT and have to do with having needs met, and with money Has links to some great websites, the forum is great too, especially for experimenting with BBs Some free resouces, tools to creating BBs and free beats (haven’t quite checked this link out much) This one has some on some woo woo, new age stuff such as astral projection or lucid dreaming If you click on the question where can I get more, a bunch of websites come up, a few ive mentioned above. Has some great free BBs and has an application on facebook.









I recently heard about Holosync after perusing Erika Awakening's website, It seems to me the easiest (but laziest) form of meditation. Basically you listen to the cd and get the same benefits you would after meditating for hours, in much less time. To check it out go to this website:

  I'm still awaiting my introductory cd but plan on ordering the full product when the opportunity arises.  

Meditative Music

While I don't consider listening to peaceful, relaxing music in itself is meditation, it often can be calming and relaxing, the same can be done when people zone out when listening to music. Different kinds of music produce different effects and even emotions, I find that classical music and meditative music is relaxing and calming, and often listen to one of the other when im reading. 

Binaural Beats

I've just found out about Binaural Beats and think they are absolutely amazing, it is what Holosync is based on, hemisync is based on (though I haven't found it to be too effective) and does about the same thing as doing tapping or EFT. Im not going to go into the whole science of it, which can be explained better at: and at

To listen to or dowload some free binaural beats go to:   and go to free downloads, you can also sign up for the newsletter. More can be found on the forum and links, as well as going to: which you can also add as a facebook application.



Learning Meditation

While there are videos, resources and books that can teach you how to meditate, I believe its best to learn from the source. Often someone can practice buddhist meditation by visiting a buddhist temple. To find one heres a list of Buddhist Temples around the world: