Jedi Mastery

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Often people complain about their current situation and often use excuses, reasons, even self deception to keep them self from where they want to go in life, or even to be happy. A person's Identity is often comprised of childhood experiences, cultural influences, media, opinions from others (often family and friends and such), and are strictly based on external factors. To get to your core personality and I believe true happiness is to strip away bad beliefs, negative influences and take action upon what will truly satisfy you and that won't always necessarily please others.

  Don't hold too tightly onto your past, it holds you back if you constantly dwell in the past. Deep inner peace and happiness can not be bought, or learned, especially from others, you must find it within yourself. Letting go of the past and focusing more on what you can do in the present and not thinking of the future is what will bring happiness and peace. I cannot say what is the right or wrong thing to do, it must be found on someone's own time. True and free expression of oneself comes from within and not from external inputs or sources. Learn as much as you can from others, but don't become too attached to any ideal, belief, doctrine or any one thing. Don't do what others do, do what you truly want to do, whatever that may be, especially if it brings you happiness. Accept yourself fully and completely, even if you dislike yourself, or are working on some things, no one is perfect and don't expect perfection of yourself. Be who you are, and who your meant to be and work towards your goals, dreams and ambitions daily, without hesitation or any regrets. 

  The only limits that we have are those that we impose on ourselves, most if not all can be overcome, the majority of them being mental blocks or negative beliefs holding us back. Strip away and discard that which is no longer useful or serves a purpose in your life, however you may choose.