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Basics of Skill Development

        A good example I have seen of accelerated learning of a skill or mastery of a skill in a short amount of time can be seen here: While I can not say that I am at the level of Timothy Ferriss I do think there are a few things anyone can do to get the most out of developing any skill, whether it be learning an instrument, martial art, or even a language.

        Meditation can be a very useful aid for accelerated learning and developing any kind of skill. The most effective form I have seen is using holosync and/or hemisync. During meditation you can also use visualization or go review different techniques or parts of the skill you are going to practice. Holosync can also aid and help with relaxation which I have found to be a key to about any skill or sport you are trying to develop better skill in, trying to rush or push yourself to far will be far more detrimental then beneficial. 


         Like I mentioned before relaxation and concentration are important part of learning a skill, especially at an accelerated rate. Its often said that "practice makes perfect" but "perfect practice makes perfect" is a much better motto to live by, focusing on problem areas and working through them in an intelligent manner will reap better rewards and benefits then just idle repetition and practice. Sometimes it is beneficial to break up learning or developing a skill by breaking it up into small parts, and when enough practice and skill is developed in small intricacies of a skill you can then put it all together and practice them on the whole. For example in learning the guitar (which I've been attempting off and on), proper placement and pressure is required for different chords, if all the fingers are not placed correctly, are touching other strings, or dont have enough pressure when you strike the strings of the guitar, it will not sound right. Often you have to review each finger, and get each finger correctly positioned then put it all together to get it right. It can take a lot of practice, especially being that some chords require the fingers to be placed in very close proximity of each other, and can lead to lots of frustration in learning the guitar. 


           Choosing the right teacher as well as trying out other learning methods can also be beneficial in skill development and accelerating the learning curve as well. We interact with our world using the five senses, and for the most of us, we typically utilize one sense over the others when learning, and even interacting with each other, in NLP it is referred to as the primary sense or modality. Some people use a combination of the senses or modalities, in NLP they are referred to as visual, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory and auditory. So it is important to vary the way you go about learning a process or skill, some learn better by listening to an audiobook or lecture, some learn better by watching a demonstration or movie of it, some learn better by feel, and some use a combination or use something altogether different. As important as trying out different learning methods is finding the right teacher, while its always a good idea to find someone with much higher skill in or advanced knowledge of what you are trying to learn, it cant always be processed or taught effectively to someone else. Sometimes the teacher may need to vary their teaching style, or a different teacher or instructor in that skill may be needed, especially in the case of a plateau or stall in the learning process, which can happen from time to time. 


         Some skills can be hacked and learned easily by some, with others it might be a long process. The more you thoroughly enjoy developing a higher skill in something, and learning it, the easier the process will be. While there are always ever changing ways to go about learning something, I hope that in the future, that I will be able to hack or master a skill to a level I desire. In the future I will try to work on some skills and provide more examples and research. Currently I am working on break dancing, guitar, and in the near future going to work on mixed martial arts as well as parkour. If you'd like to discuss any of my ideas or leave any comments feel free to contact me or write me by going to my contact me page.